Financial Wellness Institute



Personal Budget

  • Developing a realistic budget is the first step towards good money management. One of our Instructors or Coaches will work with you to help you establish a budget.. Information needed to develop a budget include: sources of income; expenses; and a list of outstanding debt.

Credit Report Report Review

  • Information in your credit report may negatively impact your ability to get a job, loan, housing or even insurance. That is why today’s smart consumer knows that it is important to review their credit report once each year and to check their credit score. A Coach will help you to review and understand your credit information and helps you to develop a plan to improve your creditworthiness.

Money Coach

  • Need help developing a financial plan? Meet with a Money Coach, who will apply a holistic approach to help you develop a spending plan, balance sheet, cash flow statement and a financial plan to achieve short and long term-goals. Developing a financial plan with SMART Strategies will enable you to achieve your financial success.

Financial Education in the Workplace: 
Are your employees in need of a financial education check-up?

  • When employees are financially frustrated in their personal lives it induces financially related anxiety and negatively impacts performance in the workplace.  As a part of its service offering, CreditWorthy™ is a resource to businesses in offering on-site financial education workshops/seminars to their employees.  CreditWorthy™ helps organizations identify employee needs as it relates to financially related topics, analyzes the data and makes financial education recommendations as to what seminars/workshops would best meet your employees need. For more information on how CreditWorthy™ can help you help your employees, please contact us at (888) 251-1414 or (856)251-0311


  • This special training is for staff to build the technical financial expertise and comfort to do financial coaching and classes with their clients. Hundreds of individuals from various banks, non-profit and government agencies and faith based organizations have been trained to date.

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