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Financial Education Workshops & Seminars

Money $mart Adult Education Program

Using the 4 cornerstones of financial education - budgeting, checking accounts, savings and credit - this program is designed to help you develop the financial knowledge, life skills and confidence to manage your money, reduce debt and build wealth. Usually 6 hours total (four - 1 1/2 hour weekly sessions)

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  • Money Matters. Are you living paycheck to paycheck? Not certain where your money is going? Experiencing money anxiety? Money Matters teaches you the concepts of budgeting, the benefits of budgeting and how to use budgeting tools. At the end of this class, you will know how to develop a budget, track your spending and organize your records.

  • Pay Yourself First. Are you paying your bills first with nothing left over to save? Are you borrowing money to make ends meet because you have not saved on a regular basis. Pay Yourself First teaches you the importance of saving. You will learn how money grows through compounding interest, identify ways to save money and the difference between types of savings and investment accounts. This financial topic will help you identify short and long-term goals.

  • Managing a Checking Account. Are you bouncing checks and paying overdraft fees? If so, this workshop teaches you how to open and manage a checking account.

  • Using Credit Wisely – Charge It Right. Paying late or over the limit fees? High interest rates and annual fees? Using credit wisely teaches you how to shop for a credit card, how, costs and benefits of credit cards, and tips for using credit cards. You will learn the characteristics of credit cards, and how to recognize potential problems with credit card use.
  • To Your Credit. When was the last time you ordered and checked your credit report? Do you know how to read a credit report. What does the information mean? To Your Credit provides you with general information on credit reports – how to read and understand the information, how you can repair your credit and available resources to assist you - and an overview of credit scores.
  • Keep It Safe . Are you protecting yourself against predatory lending and identity theft? Keep it Safe teaches you how to avoid predatory lending, identity theft, and phishing and pharming scams. You will learn about laws that can protect your rights, what to do in case of identity theft or predatory lending and how to resolve complaints.


Smart Women Finish Rich

Smart Women Finish Rich is an educational seminar that provides you with 7 steps to help you plan for your financial security and seek your dreams.  These simple steps are designed to help you improve the financial quality of your life.  Put your money where your values are!  Figure out where you stand financially! Discover the power of the latte factor.

Women, What's Your Worth

Group of women
Are you valuing yourself and your money? Are your spending habits in line with your values? Are you feeling drained, stretched to the limit and over extended? Have your lost your anchor? If yes, it's time for you to regain control and to find your center.  This seminar is designed to help women develop a plan to: take control of their financial health; rediscover their power and their worth; to inspire women to improve the quality of their life by putting their resources where their values are; and, to empower women to reach for their dreams.

How to Survive w/ Less - Recession Money Management Skills  


Learn 10 money management tips to survive with less. Topics covered will include budgeting, tracking spending habits, savings, checking accounts and credit management.

Financial Fitness for Life® 

Learn the basic principles of money management and empower yourself to make informed financial decisions and improve your financial health and well-being

Get Smart About Credit™

With major provisions of the Credit CARD Act going into effect in 2010, there has never been a more demanding time than now for consumers to get smart about credit.  Learn about the new Credit CARD Act and how it might affect you; learn how to read a credit report and understand credit scoring.

Understanding Your Investments - Stocks, Bonds & Mutual Funds

Money Management Investments

Stocks, bonds, annuities, mutual funds, etc. What combination is right for you? Understanding Your Investments is designed to help you develop the knowledge to plan for your financial security, while finding options that fit your personal goals and lifestyle.


Money Management 101 The College Years Program

This program is designed to help students avoid costly financial mistakes during their college years, while developing financial skills for a lifetime..

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  • Money Management 101. Unable to pay your bills on time? Using credit cards to cover your monthly expenses? We know that college students can face stressful financial situations. This workshop will help students to develop the knowledge and skills to avoid costly financial mistakes during their college years.

Money $mart Young Adults K - 12 Program

Young ChildrenThis program is designed to teach young adults K - 12 the basics of money management and to provide them with financial skills for a lifetime.





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